About me

Behind the blog!

Hello, so nice of you to check out a little bit more about me! I am Martine, 30 years old, happily married and mother of two beautiful daughters. I am from the Netherlands and moved to Norway almost 7 years ago together with my husband.

This is my blog about cooking and baking, some of the things I love to do in my freetime. I also like to take pictures of the whole process and will be posting these here as well.

For me it is important that the food we eat is of quality, and also that it is treated with respect. This is one of the main reasons why I cook as much organic as I can, although it isn’t always available where we live. In summertime we try to grow some vegatables and fruits in our garden- you’ll probably get to see some of that too.

I would love to show you what I cook and bake and how I do it. I am quite rustic in my cookingstyle, and often add things to taste, which means that I don’t measure it all too precisly. The meaning of this blog is to inspire you to try out these recipes and use it as a guideline to create your own dish. Hope you’ll enjoy it!