Autumnsoup with carrots and sweet potato

This delicious autumnsoup is perfect to warm you from the cold and rainy fall weather! It’s actually quite an improvisational soup, and by that I mean that you could add a lot of different ingredients be a delicious, kind of sweet tasting, silky smooth autumnsoup. Like for example pumpkin instead of sweet potato, or some leek instead of the onion. Anyway, I also wrote down some of the replacements and addings in the recipe. Just give it a go and add the ingredients you happen to have in your fridge. Or follow just simply follow my ingredients listed down here:

You’ll need:

  • About 3 carrotsingr-autumn-soup
  • 1 or 2 sweet potatoes (you could use some pumpkin instead)
  • A chunck of selleriac (parsnips would also be very tasty!)
  • An onion (or as said before, leek could be good too)
  • Some chili and ginger after your own taste – garlic will also taste good here!
  • Coconutmilk, or something like sour cream – about 250 ml
  • Stock or bouillon
  • Som spices like paprikapowder, cumin.


  • Just peel and cut all the vegetables in pieces, also the chili and ginger. Bake in a large pan in some oil, and then add some water til all of it is just covered in water (when just doing it like this you could fill up and measure a liter of water and then add to see how much you actually used, so you can adjust the amount of fond accordingly) Let it cook until it’s soft enough to blend with an immersion blender.
  • After this you can add the coconutmilk and you can leave the pan on a low heath. You can also add some more flavours now to your taste, like cumin or oregano.
  • If you find this too thick for you liking you can add some more stock, or just some more water (not too much though cause then it will lose it’s flavour).

To serve the soup it’s always fun to spice up the looks a little bit. Just plain soup looks somewhat boring. So you can add some flavoured herb oil and some croutons. I added quite salty ones to contrast the sweet flavour of this soup.



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