Chocolate meringue kisses

This is why I love december, all the baking and tasting and eating… These sweet little chocolate meringue kisses are so good! And they will fit perfectly on any dessert table. You can also put them on top of a cake or other dessert for a nice effect.

You will need

  • Two eggwhites
  • About 120 grams of sugar
  • About 25 grams of chocolate (or more)


  • Use an electric mixer to whisk the egg whites. Make sure the bowl and whisk are fat free by cleaning it with some lemon juice. When there are some soft peaks you can gradually add some sugar, about one tablespoon at a time, so the sugar dissolves. In the end you can put some meringue between your fingers and make sure you don’t feel any sugar grains.
  • When you’re meringue has firm peaks you can stop whisking. You can now grate some chocolate of your own choice in the mixture. It’s really up to you how much chocolate you want in your meringue. Make sure you stir it so you can see what it looks like.
  • Then you can put the mixture in a pastry bag. Try to put on a little pressure and create some small ‘kisses’.
  • Put in the oven on 120 degrees celcius for about an hour. You can leave it in the oven after you turn it off. You can keep these in an airtight container til you need them.

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