Christmas break

So I haven’t really had the time to update anything on my blog lately. The idea was to take my computer with me on christmas break and put out some more recipes. And here I am ready with my pictures and computer… But no notebook 🙁 So unfortunatly I can’t share any cool original recipes with you today. I do however have some nice pictures of all the food I made. My intention was to share this deliciousness with you… But even though you won’t be able to make my recipes, you might get inspired by these pictures and may even want to make your own versions of it! So hopefully you’ll enjoy!

Real easy peasy butter pastry cinnamon snacks! Delicious and SO easy. I even made some pictures with instructions, don’t think it needs more words…


I also made this lovely panna cotta cheese cake. The bottom is of gingerbread crumbs, then cinnamon panna cotta in the middle, combined with some cream cheese. On top there is a mulled wine gelly. It was absolutely delicious!! 🙂

Then these delicious cupcakes! I made it in christmasflavour but I will definitely make these again in a non-christmas version. I will share the recipe with you later on 🙂


And of course at christmastime there is always the caramell/fudge making. I even made some pictures during the whole (intens) process! Better luck for the recipe next year 😉


Well that was about it for my christmasbaking. Hopefully I will get back to you soon with some good other recipes. Until then, enjoy the christmas holidays 🙂

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