Homemade pasta

Homemade pasta is just the best! And such an easy recipe, I will describe it below and I promise you that you’ll never want to eat store bought pasta again if you taste this 😉


So as it turns out, it really is quite hard to combine working and familylife with a blog… I am still cooking and baking quite a lot, but I never ever have the time to make nice pictures of everything. This is very time consuming and actually only works out doing it by daylight. And at this point there is very little time with daylight when I am at home with my freshly baked or cooked dishes and there aren’t two kids to take care off. Also when I finally manage to do take a picture or two I realise that I didn’t write down the recipe. That’s not very helpful either.

So, I am not sure how to keep this blog going but I still want to try. So you might want to check it out every now and then just to see if I maaaayybe made a new update 🙂

So pasta 😀 Easy peasy recipe, but honestly sooooo delicious and worth the effort! Also you won’t need too much side ingredients as fresh pasta is just extremely delicious just by itself.

For one person you’ll need about:

  • 100 grams of flour (preferably tipo 00 flour which is finer then regular all purpose flour)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 egg


Put the flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle. Put in the eggs and throw in a pinch of salt. Start combining the flour and eggs with a fork. When it is coming together as a dough you can take over and kneed it by hand. It should be an elastic dough and you should kneed about at least five minutes to get it. Then rest the dough in the fridge for about half an hour.

Now you can start rolling the dough. This is easiest with a pasta machine, but you could also roll it out with a rolling pin. Your dough should be getting nice and smooth at this point.

In the end it’s your choice to make the pasta you want. I made tagliatelli and ravioli filled with sundried tomato and a bit of parmesan cheese. I tried to fold it at first but that was kind of hard so I decided to lay down one sheet of pasta, put on the filling and then put another sheet of pasta on top of it, and then stick out the small rounds to form the ravioli. 

At last you have to cook the pasta. This doesn’t take too much time, about 2 to 3 minutes in the boiling water (depends on how thin your pasta is). Season the water well with salt and use a lot of water for the pasta. Then you can just serve it with some oil, or with a nice small salad or with a simple creamy tomato sauce.

We actually ate this with the creamy tomato sauce, but there was no time to take a picture when this finally was ready, everyone was SO HUNGRY 🙂

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